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Designing A Great New Year

With 2017 fast approaching, many of us find ourselves reflecting on the past year and preparing for the new one on the horizon.  This is a great time to assess what worked well for your business, what could stand to be improved upon, and perhaps most importantly, to consider the direction that you’d like to see your business traveling in the months and years to come.

This is also a great time to start thinking about the timeline of ongoing projects and what needs to be done to stay on schedule and budget. If you are purchasing furnishings for a space, for example, you will want to make sure and start that process with plenty of time allowed for selection, procurement, manufacturing, delivery and installation. It is important to factor in time for handling the repair and/or replacement of damaged items, as well as unforeseen delays caused by shipping, natural disasters… you name it! It is also important to take note of any items in your project that have long lead times, which can often include things like tile, flooring, window coverings and casework. Your design team should provide all of the necessary information, and be sure that your contractors are aware of lead times and are placing orders accordingly to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

Our team is here to assist you through the transition into the New Year. We will help you assess your needs and develop a schedule that works with your project goals. This is a great time to reach out to us about new projects! We are here as a resource for all of your design and project management needs.

Here at Two9 Design, we have been fortunate to have a busy and fulfilling year, and we are grateful for all of the many clients, vendors, peers and team members with whom we’ve been able to work along side. We saw projects come to completion, we began new endeavors and we formed great new relationships.  Thank you for being a part of our journey in 2016. We look forward to continuing to work and share our designs with you!

Cheers to a happy and prosperous 2017!